Wednesday, January 4, 2012

"Appreciate Life With Every Breath and Soon You Will Stop Suffocating" SGIARD2012

It is easy to look at things through the muddy lens of our glasses with all the negativity that swarms every bit of spare time we have. Between television, trash magazines, Facebook status "my life sucks" updates and the average miserable beasts we encounter every day; it is a wonder we don't drink ourselves into oblivion or opt for the nearest bridge. I am often asked how I stay so positive; to some my positive nature is repulsive I am sure... but my answer is always the same; "It beats the alternative and I am not normal." 

Being normal is boring, uninteresting, and simply unattractive as far as I am concerned. I have never been normal, I choose to live in a cone... not a box.Why a cone? It is the only shape that is not enclosed, and I have never been much for limitations and confinement.  Life begins small... as kids, we appreciate small gestures, inexpensive gifts, cherish special moments and will do almost anything to get what we want. As we get older, we expect more but do less?... hmmm yea, that is an odd equation. In my "cone" world I am funneling upwards... climbing that odd angular mountain at a slow speed; but when I get to that opening it is broad... and big! Sure beats being trapped, don't ya think?

Learn to live life with stride, like a child... breathe deep with every moment and know that every moment good and bad will pass, you must cherish the good and appreciate the yucky... it is all important in the grand scheme to victory!

 "Crack on!" 
~Shelley Giard~