Thursday, January 5, 2012

Misery Loves Company

Misery... an emotion I run from, yet many people swim in it day after day... after day and continue to gripe about being swallowed by it's stink-ridden mouth! THEN, they hope that you join them! The nerve! How is it then that you are to dodge these ominous beasts without hurting feelings, stepping on toes and upsetting their world even more? Well... truth is, you can't if they are your friends. What you CAN do however is lend an ear, offer a positive twist on their otherwise tragic moments in hopes of getting them to see the bright side and be a friend who listens without absorbing.

If you are a parent you will understand this because it's similar to when we "tune things out" yet still listen to our children when we are busy doing something else. If you are not a parent then I would be willing to bet you have done this with a girlfriend or boyfriend past or present; I know I have! My point is that there is a way to listen without absorbing, but you have to know where the line is between a friend who is in a rough spot and  a toxic relationship with people you should wish away. Being a therapeutic ear can be exhausting at times and if you find that these people in your lives NEVER seem to take your advice on how to get out of their state of   "negatroidism" then maybe it's time to throw that penny in the wishing well.

 Once in a while, just like your closet, you simply have to get rid of old clothes and toss out the trashy ones that have irreparable holes. Get it? Got it? GOOD! Here's to cleaning out your closet and listening with your noise cancelling earphones on!