Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Models, Makeup and Madness... Left Me Feeling Like a Crack-Addict!

It's been a GREAT week so far. Two days of creating looks for an upcoming book by Scott Kelby...  and one full day of wardrobe shopping for another week of shoots with Kelby Media next week. Downside is that the models, makeup and madness (madness being I have two sniffling, hacking, under-the-weather kids this week on top of it all) inhibited my blogging... and that my friends left me feeling like a crack addict without a pipe. Crack addict on steroids is more like it because despite the sad no blogging state I was in,  I love what I do so much I want more more more... I need help for sure. A bus stat,bells, rubber walls, meals through a slot in the door...

I began this blog to have fun sharing my stories of day to day life, to inspire people, make people laugh and hell... even cry from time to time. What can I say? I enjoy pulling emotions out of people for no apparent reason to help them get in "touch with themselves" is that such a bad thing? I have stories... I think they are interesting (at least to me they are) and so I blog. I had NO idea I would miss this silly typing frenzy when my schedule did not permit me to log in and and click away; after all, I never considered myself having an addictive personality, but perhaps I was wrong. For two days, I have missed it... unable to get to my computer for any length of time, too busy (and impatient) to try and do this from my phone so I was left jotting notes of what I was going to write my next blogs about. And then WHAM! I get on tonight to catch up on reading other blogs I read on here (see blogs I read on homie-page) as well as write one of my own based on the "jotted notes" and realized that my dear friend Kellie, (who is the funniest person I know may I add) had blogged on the exact topic I had jotted down. Of course she does not read minds (or maybe she does and I did not know it) but I have not talked to her in about two weeks, maybe it was just telepathy, or the old great minds think alike. Early-bird gets the worm and she beat me to the punch! ARGH! Oh well, she is awesome who cares!!!

Her blog is funny... darn funny, it makes me laugh out loud every time I read it. She started hers after me, and she has many more followers... should I be jealous? She is also going to school to be a hair stylist which is what I do, and she will be good, I have no doubt. If not, her personality will keep people paying
(not to mention her pretty face)  I need more followers too, just like her  (this is the topic I jotted down ("humorous blog about getting more followers") that she coincidentally wrote about. Like her, I won't beg (at least not in an obvious way) but if you are reading (and I know you are, I see the stats and there are WAY more than 4 of you reading) I will ask you to become a follower, I am the cult leader and you need to drink the kool-aid, get it?  And then pass it to your thirsting friend next to you (aka share it). While you are at it, follow Kellie too, because well... I like to help people (especially if I like them) it's how I roll, and because she is funny! My friend Andrea is also a fellow blogger, a funny sarcastic proud mom of an amazing son with autism and well they are cool, I only hang with cool people.

I have a book coming out later this year and in my research I found that a blog gone viral can only help with book sales. I love to write... and share... and vent... so here it is all wrapped into this page that is of now one in a gagillion, and all I am asking is that you help me out if you like it by making me feel good and "follow" me. It's good for the heart and inspires me to write more. So.... you know what to do. There is NO easy button when you are trying to self- promote and become a "somebody" in the world of authors, or in the world at all for that matter... so I need all the help I can get!  Meanwhile here are a few pics from my week so far at a glance. Keep reading and I will keep posting!

MONDAY: Behind the scenes with Scott Kelby for his new book

 TUESDAY: Behind the scenes with Scott 

WEDNESDAY: Cant Post pics SHHHH but next week is going to be a VERY COOL 
week of shooting with NY fashion photographer
Lindsay Adler for Kelby Training!