Monday, May 21, 2012

Cool Girls Rock!

All of my life I have related to guys much better than the average girl. I played with G.I Joe and army men, hated Barbie dolls, liked digging for worms, building things with my dad, playing in dirt and Tonka trucks ROCKED in my young little world! I was a cheerleader for two years in elementary school because I was not allowed to play football and because that's what girls were "supposed" to do; but ended up being more fulfilled being one of two girls on the boys baseball team instead. Girls were just too girly, too pretentious, pink and catty and I wanted NOTHING to do with them.

As I got older I wanted that "good girlfriend" and through many back stabs I am finally lucky enough to have some and most of them are JUST like me; they typically don't dig chicks. I grew up to be a tomboy in a prissy package, so when I meet cool chicks I get excited.Girls are so competitive with one another, they look at a girl and instantly "compare" themselves. I suppose it is a lack of confidence to not be able to appreciate a beautiful face, body and personality and to genuinely be excited for the accomplishments of another female and it's sad :(

This weekend I spent time with 11 BEAUTIFUL girls, making them even more beautiful for pictures in a magazine; a few have graced the covers and pages of national magazines, been on TV, and have modeling resume's that will spin your head. They were ALL amazing inside and out. I could have easily been intimidated by the beauty that surrounded me but instead I enjoyed getting to know them, admiring and appreciating how beautiful they were and was amazed at how humble and genuine they were as women. It was simply refreshing to be around them.

Speaking to the women who are reading; I am not sure I can change who you are... but I can say that finding self confidence sometimes means appreciating the beauty in others instead of being jealous of it. I used to be one of the girls who would compare myself to others and the day that I stopped doing that I was set free of many of my insecurities and probably became a little sexier. Ask any man... and they will all say the same thing; confidence is sexy and  jealousy is ALWAYS ugly!

Thanks to a great weekend with great girls I have once again been reminded that cool chicks really do exist!