Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Getting to the TOP of Your Game is a Climb....

It has been a long, exhausting, amazing 4 days of creating looks for a brilliant photographer; Frank Doorhof. Sure, I am tired; I didn't  even know what day of the week it was until mid afternoon... but hey, I was having fun working and that is all that matters as I climb to the top of my game. That's my goal... and I won't stop until I get there. I remember back in beauty college 21 years ago that I had dreams of being on the platform at hair shows being the "hot shot" and that climb was one I challenged myself to for 7 years. I got all the way to platform assistant and switched gears because the hair care company I had aligned myself with sold to Loreal... ugh, not a happy day for me and I made the choice to jump ship and I am glad I did. I quickly became enthralled in doing makeup for photo shoots and that is when I said YEAH... THIS is something I want to be a part of! I was ALL over that creative avenue... and here I am 14 years later walking all over that creative avenue with some of the best photographers in the world. How cool is that? I would say that switching gears was a good call... you have to know when to say when.

Now I would not say that I am at ALL at the top of my game... (yet) because there are some unbelievable makeup artists out there that can run circles around me, but since they are my mentors I am in good shape. I have gotten to where I am with no fancy makeup classes, courses or training other than what I learned in Cosmetology class, proactive learning and trial and error (LOTS of it!) I must say that I am proud of that. I did not get here by NOT working hard,  I have worked my BUTT off, endless hours and many years of sweat equity to be here right now. At times I even told fibs about having done certain types of makeup before just to land the job ( I have God to thank for my proactive personality, You Tube for tutorials, and Kevin Aucoin for his books.) My point is that sometimes you have to work your fanny off to get to where you want to be. The moaners and the wimps don't make it, but you can bet they will complain about not making it (ALL the time)

You must work hard to get to the top, you will have sleepless nights, short (if any) vacations for quite a while, you may miss events you want to go to and likely disappoint people that you love from time to time but if you are willing to push yourself beyond your limits you WILL make it to the top of your game and everyone will be happy in the end. Is it easy? Ummm... NO! Is it hard? Most definitely! Do you make sacrifices along the way? Yep, too many to count. The greatest reward is when you begin to see the end of that tunnel... when you want nothing more than to sprint to that finish line because you KNOW that is when you can really enjoy the triumph. THAT is when you can relax, pat yourself on the back and know that it was all worth the fight.

I take time for everything I love, you can't work yourself to death but DO work hard... love what you do and if you don't? Well, find something you love and make a career out of it someway, somehow. If you allow your passions to drive you nothing can stop you! I promise!

As I approach my last day of creating looks for a photographer I have admired the work of for years, I am smiling... it is cool, and definitely worth the sleepy eyes and tired hands I have as I lay down on this ever so fluffy pillow. I honestly cannot wait to share the pictures; the downside of doing commercial shoots is having to wait for them to pick images that they will use for the project, but as anything that's worth it... waiting is just fine with me!

" I often flinch when people say "don't work too hard" because in order to get to the top of your game it is a necessary practice. You can relax at the top... THAT is your reward for hard work and a job well done; 
so keep climbing!" 


Goodnight my avid readers, YOU ROCK!