Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Didn't Want to Let You Down

I am tired... EXHAUSTED actually. I have worked a bit over 70 hours in the past 6 days and it has caught up with me in a FIERCE way tonight. (yawn) However getting home at 10:00 from work when I started at 8:00 this morning (yeah that is 14 hours and I suck at math) will take a toll on you all on it's own. I am not 25 anymore and my body is reminding me of that loud and clear. Despite all of that, I got home tucked my kiddos in bed and kissed their heads, kissed Corey who is in creative mode in his office working, and am now laying in bed blogging. I have a habit every night of checking stats to see how my blog audience is growing and it never fails, every night I have more and more readers... that's exciting because it was my whole reason for starting this. Spreading my positive attitude on as many people as I can because simply put... life is too short to be negative and miserable and whining is SO unattractive. I figured since you are taking the time to read and follow me I MUST not disappoint you no matter how sleepy I am.

Only thing is I probably can't think too clearly tonight so my positive affirmation for the evening will not so much involve a story but simple a quote to think about. I apologize for the short blog post but promise you that tomorrow night's will be 100% better.

"Take everything in stride until you feel the need to run; 
then run like you never have so you can win the race"