Sunday, May 6, 2012

Don't get stuck in "The Comfort Zone"

There are many things that help people succeed in reaching their goals and achieving mental peace; however to me, the one thing that stands out among them all more than anything is the fact that every successful person made a choice to think outside the box... they colored outside the lines and have heroically left their comfort zone more than once. The comfort zone is a boring place, it harbors no adventure, no excitement, and no change which means you cannot grow without leaving it. At times it can be toxic and not "comfortable" at all, but being that it is simply what we are used to, our fears will keep us there.

I am a risk taker in business, always have been and hopefully always will be. I have scared my dear mother half to death with some of the blind leaps I have made... but after many years she has gotten used to it and knows I typically come out on top because the leaps are not as blind as they appear. Once I get an idea, I research, plan things out and take action... what I don't do is analyze things to the point of paralyzing myself since doing that would allow my fears to step in and talk me out of doing something. Fear is a VERY real, VERY annoying, VERY intrusive emotion and it often has a backwards effect on anything you are trying to do. There is a strong difference from playing it smart and playing it safe. I choose to play it smart because playing it "safe" is led by fear; be it fear of failure,  fear of doing it wrong or the fear of not making it. Think about this though; wouldn't you much rather say "been there, done that, it did not work out and I moved on" than to one day ask yourself "I wonder what could have come of that IF I had done it?" Personally, I never want to ask "what if?"

What kind of person are you? Are you a risk taker; balls to the wall kind of person? Or are you a safe player who is content where you are even if it's not where you truly want to be? Whichever it is I want you to sit back and think about it... imagine what things could be like if you had no problem stepping outside your comfort zone to try something new. It does not have to be be about business, it could be trying a new shade of lipstick or sporting a new hairstyle. It could be finally asking someone out that you have been wanting to ask out forever, it could be reconnecting with an estranged friend or family member... whatever it is, we ALL have something we can put into this scenario. Think about it, make a list if you have to, then make a plan and take action to make it happen. The cool thing is once you do it once and have a good outcome you will become addicted to change and in turn you will grow. If you have a bad experience, DON'T let it stop you from trying again... nothing is worth losing your chance to reach your goal, live that dream, or have that peace. NOTHING!

"If at first you don't succeed, head back to the drawing board, regroup and try try again... eventually never giving up will pay off!" Shelley Giard ©2012