Sunday, May 13, 2012

Just in Case You Can't Celebrate With Your Mom Today...

Alas, it's Mother's Day, a day set aside by Hallmark to celebrate the woman who birthed you, who changed your dirty bottom, waited on you hand and foot and saw you through your teen years with a smile despite how disrespectful you were treating her like she knew nothing. I for one, KNOW that I put mine through hell when I was a raging, rebellious teenager; but in the end she still loved me nonetheless and today is by far, my VERY best friend, who just happens to be right 99.9% of the time. She has been my rock, my go-to gal... and for the last nearly two years after I moved her down to Florida when I once again became a single mom, she has been my second set of hands; taking care of my children for me as I continue to climb the ladder of success so I would not have to put my precious little ones in a daycare where they would have likely become just another face with jelly.

When I was a senior in high school, I had dreams of my future and what it would be like; none of them included the perfect man, the wedding day, children, or the white picket fence. Everything I dreamed of had to do with business, and becoming a successful hairstylist and makeup artist. I had no "visions" of family in my head at all. I suppose maybe it was because I had seen mine torn apart after my sister died... but for whatever reason it was, I did not envision having a family. Shortly after I graduated however, (four months to be exact) I found out that I was going to be a mother. I was pregnant with my daughter Cierra who is now 20 and I remember thinking how this was SO not in my plan. I was 18, and although her father was a good guy, he was young and did not want to accept the responsibility,  Despite all of that I did what I had to do, and that was have my daughter and figure the rest out later; and that is what I did. I was a young single mom who was determined to be successful regardless of the hiccups. I worked hard... REALLY hard and by the age of 19 I bought my first home, and at the age of 20, opened my first salon. I married Cierra's father when I was 21 trying to make it work but it only lasted a year. 

Full throttle, I was on my way to making my dreams a reality, but without MY mother; it would never have been possible. She cared for Cierra while I worked practically 24-7 knowing that I was doing everything I could to give my "unexpected" child a good life. 9 years later in 2001, another "unexpected" surprise arrived when my daughter Baleigh was born. Five years after that I got married again and in 2008 my son Zane was born. (the only child that was somewhat planned). This was quite the rainstorm of children for the teenager that had no kids built into her future plans, but with every delivery, I became more and more accepting that I in fact WAS a mom. After my son was born, I knew that I wanted a divorce and began to prepare for that. Then on April fool's day 2009, my most special "unexpected" news to this day was that I was going to be a mom... AGAIN. Child number 4... my precious Abrielle was born on October 16, 2009. I ended things with her dad a few months before she was born becoming a single mom of 4! 

Today, I think of how empty my life would be without my kids; they have brought so many wonderful moments to my life; they are my world. I am not the Mary Poppins, soccer-mom type... I am a career mom all the way; but they love that about me and know that I will always provide for them. It has not been easy but I am glad they were here; they gave me a reason to push myself harder. Today I am VERY proud to say that I am a MOM with children and a successful career.

However today, I not only think of how lucky I am to have such a wonderful Mom... or how great it is to be a Mom. I think of all of the people out there who may have never known their mom, who may have lost their mom to natural causes or some horrible disease. I think also of the single Dad's out their who are playing Mr. Mom, and the women who never had children; it makes me wonder how they feel on a day like today; and because of that I decided to blog not only about Mother's Day but about remembering to celebrate the people you love not just on a day that Hallmark sets aside, but each and every day you have them. 

When you have people in your life that are important, treat them as if they are. We take many things for granted but people we love should not be on that list. We all have people to love, to care about, and to cherish every moment with. Never get too busy to show them how much they mean to you. Life always ends with death, it can happen suddenly or it can occur naturally but it is inevitable, and you never want to regret not letting someone know how much you loved them. Don't wait for Hallmark to give you a "day" to do that.

To all the Mothers... Great job! You have earned many ribbons and trophy's for your years of blood sweat and tears. Happy Mother's Day!

To all you "Mr. Moms"...  Playing both roles is incredibly hard... I know firsthand, I commend you for accepting that challenge... you are awesome!

To children who never knew your mom... Hopefully you have been lucky enough to have someone that stepped into your life that loved you like a mother, but if not... be an awesome mother to your own children one day.

To those that have lost your Mother... Remember her today and all of the wonderful things she did for you. Remember her smile, her laugh and the smell of her cooking. I guarantee she is thinking of you today.

To those who never became a mother for whatever reason... I bet you have a pet who looks at you as mom... or maybe you have touched someone's life in a motherly way. You are still important, you arespecial and that is a reason to recognize you.