Monday, May 28, 2012

In Memory of Fallen Soldiers....

As this nice long weekend comes to an end, I feel rested, relaxed, and content. I am thankful that I have my family and that I have been fortunate enough to have never lost a soldier that I knew in combat. I think of the many people that have lost a father, a son, a daughter, a mother, an uncle, an aunt or a cousin and know that today was something very different for them. It was a reminder that they are gone... that they fought for our country; but lost their fight for you and I.  I am humbled by the thought that today they mourned their losses as we celebrated an extra day off of work, paraded the beaches and devoured flame-broiled burgers and patriotic themed desserts with friends and family. It makes me realize that in a sense, just like many other national holiday's, many of us forget what the day is truly about; and even when we do remember what Memorial Day is for, we have made it a day of celebration and joy. We should instead be sharing a moment of silence for those that fought and won our battle yet lost theirs. We should think of the families that are left behind, and pray for their strength in moving on.

Although I agree that we should celebrate our freedom on Memorial Day with smiles and pride, we should also never forget nor ever take for granted the many lives that have been sacrificed and changed by war both present and past.

I am happy to say that  although I have several family members that have served  and still serve in all branches of the military, I am lucky to not have lost them to war. However today, I have also remembered their courage and honor in defending what we know as FREEDOM.

Have a great night everyone, and before you go to bed... have a moment of silence for our fallen men and women.


To our country's fallen soldiers...
"We have been blessed by your courage to fight for our freedom, thank you for giving of yourselves for the sake of others. May you never be forgotten and may your sacrifice never be taken for granted. May your families be blessed and may you forever be in their hearts." 

♥ Memorial Day is for YOU. ♥
©2012 Shelley Giard