Friday, May 25, 2012

Land of the Free, Home of the Fake

Is anyone REAL anymore? I remember when a picture was unable to be photo-shopped, when we grew old gracefully, when a little girl could just be a little girl and never worried about her weight or her hair being combed perfectly, when I was proud to say that although I had no boobs, I had a butt and that you could buy boobs but you couldn't buy a butt... um yeah, now you can buy a butt. We have Botox and Restalin to hide our ages, we have Photoshop and photo programs to alter how we look in pictures, we get hair plugs & extensions, we wear fake lashes, we drink muscle milk and get B12 shots, we get our lips plumped, tummies tucked, butts perked, skin peeled, fake tanned  and boobs bigger all for the sake of  what? Self Esteem? Maybe that is the initial intention.... to make ourselves happier, to be more fulfilled, to boost our self esteem, so we give in to those  "quick fixes" to"appear" perfect, but in the end if you don't fix who you are on the inside you wasted your time and money.

I am happy to say that although I do color my hair and wear makeup to enhance my natural appearance, I have never altered my body or facial structure despite all the hype. I was afraid to... and frankly decided it was not worth it. I did not want to be a statistic, I am sure I fall into other statistical categories so I did not need another notch on my belt. Instead.... I decided to work on my INSIDE, who I am, what I stand for and who I intend to be. It's what most people DON'T do. It takes being honest about your faults... taking responsibility for your mistakes and actions and fixing what you messed up or what other people messed up for you. I must say when your soul and heart are good, you become super sexy on the outside. You no longer care what people think because you are happy with YOU and THAT'S what matters. When you stop trying to impress people and just be yourself, after discovering who that is; life becomes amazing and it reflects on the outside. I work on myself and my attitude every day, I read books to help me, fill my head with positive stuff... hang around positive people and avoid toxic people and toxic situations at all costs. Oh... and I DON'T watch the news!

Once you fix the inside... you can work on the outside if you want, it's only then that it will it truly matter. I choose healthy living and THAT is happiness to me. Try it... you may like it!

" When you are ugly on the inside, it does not matter what dream cream you use on the outside; 
you are still UGLY!" ©2012 ShelleyGiard