Wednesday, May 23, 2012

When Drama Happens Step Right In....

It IS only Wednesday right? I am wondering if it is National call your friend Shelley the hair slinging therapist week. HA! I of course do not mind one bit, it actually makes me happy that my friends and family look to me for advice and support and I am ALWAYS eager to be there for them. This week however I have had an incredible influx of drama going on in others lives around me with sadness, anger, crying and confusion so my therapeutic mind has been sent into overload. Hence why there has been a lack of blog posts the past two days; I was mentally drained from absorbing tribulations and giving advice, when I could probably use some myself. <3

Let's face it, we all have some level of drama going on in our lives at some point or another. Dysfunction happens, life happens and well.... it's how you choose to deal with it that makes you or breaks you. We cannot always control the "happenings" but we can control what happens afterwards with the right mindset. When your life is a shambles or a situation has you wanting to jump from a cliff to ease the pain (I am figuratively speaking of the cliff jumping ;I certainly hope NONE of my readers would ever think of doing that) you just have to take the time to breathe a little bit deeper and figure out a game plan to deal with whatever has crossed your path. You have to be HONEST with yourself and think of the entire thing from ALL sides of the playing field, in other words before you can DEAL with it you have to clear your head and think straight before making any decisions of how to fix what has happened. THIS is the hard part because we ALL... yes MEN TOO, have emotions that take over us and emotions sometimes lead to VERY bad decisions. Your gut will lead you to the good ones so listen to that LOUD AND CLEAR!

As I said, we all have issues... me included; but if you just put your mind to work and listen to your gut instead of your heart better decisions will be made. Your heart may be in love with that new shiny car on the showroom floor but your gut says your bank account could be sent into a downward spiral if you give in to that skeezer car salesman making you drool and promising your car payment will be $5 a month. Your HEART is great for keeping you alive but it does not always keep you making mindful decisions. Your gut has nothing to gain but a good burp... hence make it VERY best friend!

My insight for today... 

"Life is like a lot like the wind... sometimes it flows soft and steady, other times you have sudden gusts and there are the occasional knock you on your ass windstorms and hurricanes. But just like the wind, life eventually gets soft and steady once again and all you have to do is clean up the mess and move on" ©2012 ShelleyGiard