Friday, May 11, 2012

Topless Mountains Excite me!

I have spoken to people I know many times about mindset and how important it is to your outcome; not only for your future, but in your every day life. What you think about typically comes to fruition. It is much harder than it seems to stay positive because we get so consumed by things that happen not as we had planned. Wrenches are hurled into our lives and we go brain dead from the blows. That my friends is adversity... it is inevitable for the successful, but only the strong will survive.

Do you ever feel like you are climbing a topless mountain? Do you feel that no matter how many ideas you get and put to work you only fail in the end? Have you ever looked at this as one step closer to the peak instead? When you have a goal and set your mind to achieve it, failure is not what is happening when you fall on your face, it is learning... gaining knowledge of how NOT to do it again. Think of adversity as being one step closer to your goal... your mission.... you dreams, and things WILL start to change. The key is to never take your mind off the prize and do whatever you have to, come hell or high water to make it happen. (but please don't streak naked for attention or embarrass yourself in any way) Don't worry about the timeline you set if it comes and goes... set another date! Just because you did not reach a certain point by a date you initially set does not mean the ride is over... it just means it's longer; and hey... the longer the roller coaster is the more euphoric you feel at the end right? It even makes you want to ride it again no matter how scared you were before you got on. Do you think Dr Seuss would have been better off throwing in the towel after his first book was rejected by 29 publishers? I think not...  because frankly, I love Green Eggs and Ham... and that is determination! To reach a goal, you must possess the determination to win. Put yourself where you want to be in your mind and make that the first thought that you wake up to and the final thought that you lay down to at night.

The other day I posted a vague Facebook update that said... "I am SUPER excited, stay tuned". My intention was to blog about why last night but after a long evening at my studio and not getting home until after 10, I was hungry, tired and had the sniffles (which I have even worse tonight) Thank you Florida pollen. Since then however, I got more good news to be even MORE excited about and well, despite my nasal drip (how sexy.. I know) I am feeling pretty awesome.

At the end of last year I set a personal goal to amp up my freelance work by 40% in 2012. It was a hefty goal, but I set hefty ones on purpose; my logic is that if you can reach the hefty ones, you can reach the small ones with your eyes closed. It has been unreal to see my initial goal already being surpassed. News I got today of being hired as the exclusive makeup artist for an online magazine shot locally here in Tampa was a happy addition to my excitement. I have invoiced more freelance work in less than 5 months than I did all of last year, putting me way me over my 40% growth goal!

Happy for me? (I hope) Want to smack me? (I can take it) Do I make you want to do something about reaching your goals? (Good! That was my point)

Have a great night and go to sleep with your goals in mind. ;)

"I share my successes to inspire you, I share my failures to know that you are not alone, I share my tears so you know I am real and I share my laughs because without laughter life is really dull." 
©2012 Shelley Giard