Sunday, June 17, 2012

Not Just Father's Day....

It's been a very busy week, and I am thankful for that. Busy is good in most scenarios, and this was no exception. Today I am planning to tackle more home projects since I am not able to spend the day with my Dad and my kids are with theirs, but I wanted to post a Father's day message to all of the Dad's out there in honor of YOU today.

That moment when you hold your child for the first time... looking at the tender little face all pink and fuzzy in complete awe that YOU are responsible for creating this little life. The feelings are overwhelming for not only the mother, but for you...the Dad.  You take them home from the hospital and lay awake at night staring at them while they sleep, you kiss them a million times ; a child is a true miracle. Your life flashes before you and the next thing you know they are in kindergarten, all you care about is protecting them with every ounce of who you are, you want them to grow into wonderful young adults and begin to realize time goes by so fast. You play with them, tickle them, scold them when they do wrong because that is your job as a parent, but most of all, you love them with all your heart.

As they hit their adolescent years, they become less interested in hanging out with you, but you do everything you can to keep their attention. You challenge them to a game of driveway basketball, you bet that you can bench press more than they can, or you ask your daughter out on a date to demonstrate how a man should treat her; like a lady. It's time for prom and you watch as your son beams with pride when his date arrives beautifully dressed or you tear up as you see how beautiful your daughter looks in the dress she picked out, makeup on, hair done... and you wonder where the time has gone. You remind her how a man should treat her before she leaves or you tell your son to be a gentleman.

High school graduation has arrived and you are overcome with pride as your graduate walks in cap and gown, you hope that you have done a good job and set a good example, after all YOU are their role model, they WILL follow in your footsteps. They have become what you have taught them to be... and it's now time for them to spread their wings... however you will still be there to catch them if they fall.

Wedding day... an emotional day. Your son has chosen his bride, you daughter has found the perfect gentleman, and you must give her away... although you know you never really can. You stand beside your son as he watches his bride inch down the isle towards him, you hope you have taught him how to be a good husband. Your daughter is locked arm-in-arm with you and you don't want to let go. You know that no other man will love her like you do... but you hope they will love her as they should. You kiss her forehead as you let go of her at the altar and tears roll as you walk away.You have done a good job... she will be okay, and she will always be a Daddy's girl.

Everyone has a Dad, but there are many people out there who have never had a "Father"... my oldest Daughter is one of them. There is an absent feeling inside of her because of it, and I know it will always be there. I played both roles as many women do; and although I never took her on a date, I told her how a man should treat her. I will likely be the one who gives her away and I know that I will tear up as I kiss her on the forehead and walk away hoping that the man she has chosen will love her as much as I do.

To all of the Father's out there... today is a day to celebrate what YOU give to your children... you are awesome! Today is also a day to celebrate the Mothers who are also Fathers... we pull double duty and deserve to be celebrated twice. To all of the children out there who never had a father...celebrate yourselves today for being able to become who you are without them, it's hard and you are amazing. For those who have lost their father... you have fond memories... hang on to them, you were lucky to have had them in your life. And to those of you who are Dad's but have never been a Father... it's never too late to change this. Being a Father means so much more than making a child.

Last but not least... I want to say Happy Father's Day to the men who have stepped into the lives of children that are not their own and who have assumed the Father role. YOU are very special, you have done this out of pure love... not obligation and that is more than amazing. I am lucky enough to have a man in my life who has done just that. Corey Barker... I love you very much; Happy Father's Day, you are amazing to my kids and that in itself warms my heart, they are so lucky to have you in their lives, and so am I.


"It takes a moment to be a Dad but to be a Father you must spend a lifetime." ©2012 Shelley Giard

This is my Father his senior year in High School
This is my Dad with my son a week ago during his visit to Florida

My father owned and operated a construction company when I was growing up. The smell of sawdust filled the room whenever he walked in; and to this day, it is one of my favorite smells. I am a Daddy’s girl, I loved being out in the garage with him crafting things out of wood, which was his hobby when not building a home for someone. The smells of stain and shellac are vivid, and to this day, bring me back to my childhood. My Dad is a hard working, amazingly talented and gifted man in his craft. He is a father to four children and a great story teller. The ability to make long stories longer; well… let’s say I get it honestly. He is an amazing singer, it was like growing up in the Partridge family around my house, my mom sang as well and I keep many memories of Dad taking out his guitar and singing tucked away in my mind for days when I need to smile. I LOVED hearing my Dad sing growing up… I still do. He used to sing Sunshine on my Shoulders by John Denver to me at night before bed as a little girl and I have passed the tradition of singing at bedtime on to all four of my kids… I don’t even know if he knows that. Everyone knows my Dad, he rarely meets a stranger and everyone who meets him likes him. He is genuine, transparent and I have to say I am just like him in so many ways. He was a recovered alcoholic; was sober for 8 years before my sister died…