Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Random Acts of Kindness... Caught by Surprise!

Have you ever fallen victim to a random act of kindness that caught you so off guard that it left you speechless? I have been lucky enough for this happen in my life, but only a few times. If I compared it with the random acts of rudeness it would't hold a candle. That being said, I was a victim today and it was a gentle reminder of how great you can make someone feel if you do something nice... and you should do it everyday. As I was driving down the Veterans Expressway ; a toll road that runs from Tampa all the way to Homasassa Springs which is about and hour and a half north, I had taken $2.00 out of my wallet for the stretch home from my Hair and Makeup Studio. As I approached the second toll booth I rolled down my window and put out my dollar bill only to be told that the person in front of me paid for me already. I was like... "What?... they paid for me?, did they say why?" The toll lady just smiled and said that it was paid and to have a nice day. Although puzzled, I smiled and drove away.

I am very happy that my kids were with me... to see the shock on my face, the puzzled look I had and the smile that followed it all. My 10-year-old Baleigh even asked why they paid for me and tried to find an excuse of why as if it was not intentional. I laughed and said "Baleigh, sometimes although not often, people do nice things for no other reason than to be nice... let that be a lesson."

That brings me to my close... yes it's a short lesson tonight; but a good one. A random act of kindness can make someone's day, render a smile and is totally worth doing. I totally assume that as that person paid my toll and drove away, they too had a smile on their face because I know firsthand how amazing it makes you feel to do something for someone else. It's not that common anymore but we all need that  unexpected lift once in a while. What you give will never go unnoticed and neither will what you take. Be sure you are remembered for giving of yourself and I guarantee you will at some point fall victim to kindness yourself.

"When you take the time to do something for someone else despite your worries and stress, a sudden feeling of relief will come over you and make your day better." 
©2012 Shelley Giard