Thursday, June 21, 2012

When You Hit a Wall... Bounce!!!

I will be the first to say that obstacles can really cloud up a pretty picture. You can map out a plan, execute the plan and at the end of the day fail miserably; you have hit a brick wall and are not quite sure how to recover. You have two choices; you can do what every average person does and simply give up, or you can become a problem solver who will analyze the entire situation honestly, figure out where your plan went wrong and then create another plan based on mistakes you made the first time. Obviously the latter will give you a better chance of winning, so WHY is it so often the choice we leave for the next guy?

We all hate failure... why? Because we are taught that failure is a bad thing growing up. The older I get, the more I wish I could run my own private school... a school that would teach kids what they REALLY need to know to survive and succeed in this world. Failure is a good thing when taught in the right context. Failing gives you a reason to try harder, to iron out details that you may not have thought about if you succeeded the first time. It allows you the time to perfect what you are doing to a larger degree... and it is the biggest step towards success. If they taught THAT in school we would look at failure in a much different light now wouldn't we? Instead they teach that when you fail you have lost... that you should carry shame and hang your head. That my friends is CRAP! Not true, and you should erase that from your beautiful brains. Failure is GOOD, failure is NECESSARY to succeed ; failure should be embraced. If you don't make mistakes how in the world will you ever learn anything at all?

When you hit a wall... bounce, be resilient... don't give up. Look at it as a way to break that wall down more efficiently the next time and perhaps if you do this once, twice, even three times or more you will truly get the chance to experience something amazing. 

"There is a gift at the end of perseverance, but nothing awaits us in giving up" 

These were little plaques I made for a class of  inner city 5th graders that I spoke to earlier in the year as their "graduation gift" I wanted them to know that despite circumstances or situations, if you simply "BELIEVE YOU CAN YOU WILL!