Thursday, June 28, 2012

Carving Out Time... It's Important!

I am the first to admit that I have no problem carving out time to do business, because I am business minded on crack. Turning every thought I have into a way to add another stream of income so that I can have more free time to do more business has been my way of life for so long. Why you ask? Well... because I have always been the provider of the needs and wants for my family... even through two marriages. Let me tell you, it is the most difficult trait for me to shut off even when I have the time to.

Now that I have a REAL man in my life however, I am learning how to relax... how to carve out time for my kids, him, myself and how to have FUN on a weekly basis instead of something I do once or twice a month which is what I was used to. It is really nice, but it is certainly a learning curve for this not-so-soccer-mom. I am more like the soccer dad who forgets to bring the necessities like diapers, snacks, wet wipes and diaper bag... oh yeah the diaper bag! Really? I should bring a change of clothes? Why didn't I think of that? Ugh it is embarrassing sometimes which is probably one of the reasons I never fit into "play dates", I always felt like the moron mom around those "professional mom's." These women thought of EVERYTHING; toys, snacks, diaper's, extra clothing, bubbles, first-aid kits, portable potty's and the kitchen sink. I often kept quiet that I forgot some vital "child accessory" or ended up borrowing something I forgot from one of the wonder- mom's who laughed at my mistakes. I have four children and have NEVER  had one of those cute protector thingies that keep your children from sucking on the cart handle, yet I knew people who had them in multiple colors and patterns. (I wanted one I was too practical to pay $50 for one so I used sanitizing wipes instead) My last attempt was joining a non-profit mom's club... and although it proved not to be the most successful thing I did (it only lasted a year or so) in that time I was elected VP and became President by default; (See?  it was my business mind on crack again.)  I will say however that I gained a few great friends simply because they accepted the fact that I was not too good at carting my children to parks and play dates and still loved me. (Those are TRUE friends) And of course I gained some hater's... that was nothing new! 

I am still learning how to turn the business-mom button off and the soccer-mom button on, but I have come to terms with the fact that I love my kids NO less because of it. My kids know that I would jump in front of a bus for them and bring the playground bully to tears with a self help assessment if they become a target and this is all in my high heels between business dealings and blogging. I suppose I am my own kind of "wonder mom" so I figure I am okay. Advocate? check. Hugs? check. Bedtime stories? check. I got it!

This week I have been able to spend a lot of time with my kids and although cabin fever due to tropical storm Debbie had us ready to scream at one another earlier this week today Zane, Baleigh and I ventured out to a trampoline arena and the kids had a blast. Although I had come from work and showed up in heels and a dress causing me to stand out like a bleeding wound at a white party, they thought I was AWESOME for taking them there today. We went home and I had to go back to my studio to work a bit more, but all in all the day was great! I have decided next time I am NOT going to be on the sidelines... I will be jumping to new heights with them! What a great day and a bit of an adventure for me!

Until tomorrow my readers!