Wednesday, June 27, 2012

With a Shirt Like This...

It's no wonder why we have bratty kids and bullies lingering around schoolyards these days. I mean REALLY? Would YOU buy this shirt for your 8 year old? (that's the size it was) If your answer is yes then A: You must also have a bumper sticker that says your kid is an honor student making every parent whose kid is not an honor student feel less of a person, B: You are trying to get your own reality show for having the most disrespectful kids in America, or C: You simply have a distorted sense of what "cute" is and need to go see Dr. Phil. You may as well buy them a shirt that says "I don't play well with others because I am a knarly brat" and alienate them from the world. WHAT are you teaching them and WHY are clothing designers making stuff like this? Don't they realize that one day THESE kids will be the ones taking care of us?

If you agree then help me spread this blog so that people who WOULD buy this shirt for their kid will READ my blog everyday and perhaps some positive thinking will ooze into their bloodstream. It really worries me what this world is coming to. I am afraid for my kids, here I am trying to raise them to be kind, caring, giving, selfless assets to society and as we parade around stores we see padded bras and hot pants in the little girls section and shirts that encourage brattiness and degradation. My goodness. (Huff) It will have all of us spinning our wheels at some point if it keeps up. Oh... and let's not forget the "Monster High Dolls" that have made my 10 year old daughter obsessive about coffins and black eyeliner... I know it seems harmless but they are Bratz dolls in gothic clothing and Bratz dolls were banned because they were dressed like cheap call girls making our little girls want to wear half shirts and hoochie heels. It IS a problem! Just in case you are, I have not purchased a single doll for her (I blame that on other people in her life) nor do I allow her to put on eyeliner just because I am a makeup artist, she is 10! 

I need to start a kids fashion line... I have a few ideas but now that they are running through my brain I must get out my notepad and keep them to myself until I can turn THAT into a business venture too! UGH I am cursed.. seriously cursed with a brain that turns everything into cash flow.

Certainly a different kind of inspiration tonight but now if you see this shirt on a kid you will now think of me and laugh! (and perhaps lecture that Mom who is likely wearing hoochie heels and false eyelashes) ;)

I will get serious again tomorrow night. I actually had a tear-jerker blog planned for tonight until I saw this and had to climb up on the soapbox!

Goodnight all