Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Bullies, The Fakers, and the Trouble Makers

I am all grown up now, and one thing that I have gained because of that is wisdom. I have lots of "been there, done that" scenarios and learned all of my lessons the hard way. Unfortunately I suffered a lot of grief, anger, worry and sadness to get where I am today... MY HAPPY PLACE.

Throughout my life I always KNEW what it was I wanted, I had set career goals as a high school Sophomore and never let them leave my mind, even when people thought I was crazy for thinking that I could accomplish them. I was bullied, made fun of and surrounded by nay-sayer's and I will admit that in some instances I let them sway me; but when it came to my dreams after school ended, nothing  people said or did to me affected what happened... in fact, it only fueled me more in the long run.

I will never understand why people, (most often females) cannot be happy for you when you are doing good, when you are happy, when you are beaming with excitement; yet they will roll around in the dirt that may come up in your life from time to time and act like they care about you then. We all make mistakes, we all go through tough times, we all have defeating moments and feelings of inadequacy, but when we are up, we are up.... "on top of the world looking down on creation" and cloud nine just makes us want to hop on over to cloud 10...11... and 12. Support is nice, but when you are up far enough... not even the lack of it can bring you down; at least that SHOULD be the case.

You see, what people say does not matter... unless it's true. If it's true, then you must look at the situation and decided if you should work on it or not. If it's false then the truth will eventually show it's face and they will look like flaming idiots, leaving you with the truth badge. It's why karma... or God's wrath (whatever you choose to call it) is so much sweeter than any revenge, argument or fist fight I can conjure up. Have I ever wanted to smack someone around, beat someone up, or rearrange the mouth the lies are coming out of? Sure... and I actually did once, (the only fight I ever got in) and it did feel good, I won't lie; but it solved nothing.

 These types of people... the bullies, the fakers, the troublemakers, have an agenda... and that is to bring you down to the bottom where they are digging trenches. That IS why they do it ya know; they are miserable, unhappy, and jealous of your happiness and accomplishments and instead of getting off their duff's to make "happy"  part of their every day they would rather bother those of us who are working hard to fulfill our dreams. Why? Well, because it's easier than getting off their duff.

I wrote this blog tonight in honor of two friends that are dealing with similar issues right now, both are VERY good people trying to do something BETTER with themselves and I, as a true friend and beaming with pride for BOTH of them. Unfortunately, not everyone is cheering them on. Girls... keep on keeping on. Only you and what YOU stand for matters... their words will only affect the outcome of your dreams if you give up, believe they are right, and begin digging trenches with them.