Monday, March 5, 2012

Time For Friends....

Busy... always busy... it's hardly an excuse but it is used often because well, life is busy for the most part. Between working, taking care of the kids, crazy schedules, deadlines, shopping, meetings, ... etc etc. it is really hard to carve out time to meet up with friends sometimes, but it never fails, when I do it is always such a great time and well worth the whittling I do to make it happen. Friends are as important to me as family; they are a necessity and spending time with them is a priority even if it's only once a month, it does the spirit good.

There are many kinds of friends... there's the new ones that you are so excited to meet, the kind you see or talk to all of the time, the kind that you keep up with via Facebook, Skype or email because of distance between you, and the kind that you may only talk to a few times a year, but you pick up right where you left off. I am blessed to have friends in each of those categories, and love them all the same. I feel fortunate to have a list that is long and diverse enough to have separate "play dates" each month. I have also had people in my life that I "thought" were friends and turned out to be well... not a friend at all. Being a softy, I often get taken advantage of because my heart is warm and tender and I have a giving soul. I often trust too much, (I have learned good lessons there) and I tend to give people the benefit of doubt. Once in a while however, something happens that shocks me... sends me to the thinking chair wondering if I am that gullible or if people are just that good at faking it.

Good thing is, this kind of thing used to really hurt me... now I just let it roll and move on because that's what you have to do to stay free of the grief. There are people who are conditional... they care only about what's in it for them and unfortunately, they happen upon all of our lives from time to time. Spending a lot of time on trying to figure these people out is a complete waste of time, so don't bother. Instead, focus on the ones that matter, they know who they are and so do you!

Here's to making (and keeping) healthy lasting friendships!

"The way to have a friend is to be a friend" 
~Ralph Waldo Emmerson~

"If a friend is there to listen when things are a mess but cannot be happy for you when you are doing great... they may not be worthy of the name "friend" 
~Shelley Giard 2010~


 Mandy, Kellie and I having some fun at a shoot 2011

Christine, me, Nancy, Stacie & Deanna girls night out 2012

Me Lara & Benny 2009 Umm yeah... don't ask!

Boat night 2008 with the boys! 

 With my crew after a Sarasota Fashion show @ Ringling School of Arts

Tres, Donnie, me and Jeff at Corey's birthday bash 2011

 Arbonne Incentive Trip 2011 Atlantis ...Bahamas Me, Valerie and her friend

Me, Adam, and Jeff 2011

 Meredith, me and Adam 2011
Carol & I  2011 

Meredith and I Christmas 2011

Tandra and I at Evenescence 2012

Emily and I at our Friend's 70's themed party 2011          

Lara and I Thanksgiving 2011

Deena me and Tasha 2009

80's night  me with Nicole, Natalie and Shannon 2009

My 35th birthday dinner with friends

New Year's 2005

Me and the Nelson Twins 2005