Thursday, March 22, 2012

Finding My Rainbow in a Stressful Week...

As I end this CRAZY day and my hectic week at home (off to DC tomorrow for Photoshop World), I am exhausted given all that had to be done in the three days before I left. I woke up this morning with a full heart and a warm smile because it was World Down Syndrome Day and I get to celebrate the beautiful little life I created two and a half years ago because of it. March 21st (3/21) is the day we recognize that our little bundles of joy were born with 3 of the 21st chromosome (Trisomy 21) which causes Down syndrome. 
We have come along way... because as little as 30 years ago, these little bundles were institutionalized at birth because they were "no good" and considered blasphemous to society as far as doctors were concerned and most parents were told they had to put them away; the average life span was about 10-15 years. In my opinion, it was neglect  that killed them. Without love and proper care we are all dead. Every time I think of this I want to cry... so many children like my sweet Abrielle were tossed into hulls and considered crazy... they were called Mongoloids, retards and many other horrible things just because they were "different" never to be thought of again.
I have news for anyone out there who thinks this way... they ARE different, you are right about that! They love with no limits, give hugs with no end, laugh at things we don't recognize and smile as big as rainbows. They are unconditional, wonderful human beings, and the reason they are so special is because despite their disabilities they bring life lessons to anyone who comes into contact with them. 
So... on this tired day, I will lay my head down on my pillow knowing that I am blessed, I have a reason to smile every day and she taught me that. I no longer take things for granted... and cherish every small hurdle, every tiny accomplishment because regardless of how small they are it is forward motion towards a goal or purpose. I also learned to never sweat the things I cannot change.
To my precious daughter Abrielle... You are my sunshine, Mommy loves you with all her heart and all her might and I hope to be here when you graduate from college because I know you will. You have many cheerleaders, and your determination will get you there! You AMAZE me my little "Brie!" ~love Mommy~
IN HONOR OF MY DAUGHTER ON THIS DAY, I share her very first you tube video with you, which was posted last October. If you have already seen it watch it again... it will make you smile! 
 Watching Mickey Mouse 
 Her brother calls her HIS baby... only 14 months apart
 At 6 months old...
 She finally discovers putting things in her mouth
 She loves eating her hand... if you look at the reflection, her brother is watching out for her as always
Shortly after she was born at only 4.5 lbs she stated in her sleep what she was here for "PEACE"

"More alike than Different!"