Monday, March 19, 2012


Sitting in the Dr's office today I overheard a man next to me talking to a family member on the phone about his wife having a negative cancer check up and that "it was back." During the conversation he said many times, "we will get through this it’s not the first time, we will be okay and hopefully she will go into remission...again."  It is amazing to me that so often if you open up your ears  to other conversations when you are in public, you can hear things that will inspire you, things that make you feel blessed on days that you may have woken up feeling cursed. Hearing a story such as this where a man was so determined to get his wife through this again positively hoping for the best when everything about his body language said he was tired, sad, hopeless and afraid spoke very loud to me so I had to pull out my Ipad right after the appointment and write this blog post.

It is something that I often talk about... your attitude during times of adversity will likely give you the will to keep going and has everything to do with the outcome. Despite his obvious fear, this man was allowing hope to take over, and me being me... it made me smile. When he hung up the phone, he put his face into his hands... head down, on the verge of tears. He then suddenly breathed deep looked up and over at me, and said... "it shouldn't be too much longer of a wait I have been out here waiting on my wife for an hour... it makes you feel they don't think our time is important, but it certainly is."  I smiled and nodded in agreement as he patiently waited for his wife. A few minutes later my name was called and I felt blessed for the short wait I had.

I will tell you this my avid readers, life is much more fulfilling when you remove yourself from the equation sometimes; think of others, give to others, listen and be there for others... when you do this...whatever is going on in your life that is bringing you down is no longer your forefront clouding your vision and you will likely end up feeling that what you have going on isn't so bad after all. Hope is the opponent of fear and hope often wins because it causes different actions, it will not always bring you victory in the fight, but if you must go down, you will go down in flames!

"You gotta face the clouds to find the silver lining" 
(quoted from one of my favorite inspirational songs)