Sunday, March 18, 2012

St. Patty's Day Humor

Happy St. Patty's Day! Is it Paddy's or Patty's? THAT is my million dollar question of the day. You would never know by looking at people's Facebook status' because it was an even divide, however I came up with the conclusion that for us "Northern born" it's Patty's for sure. Either way it's a day that American's have adopted into their traditional "day to drink" schedule. It is commercialized with wishes of good luck, pots of gold, and funny looking red-haired short people in odd green outfits that hang out by rainbows stealing money.

Oddly enough it is a day that was originally and actually celebrated for the arrival of Christianity in Ireland characterized by going to church in green attire and lifting lent restrictions. Leave it up to Americans to twist that into a holiday to drink massive quantities of alcohol. HA-HA! An interesting Oxymoron? I think so! I have always gone out with friends to have a beer myself, but I pass on corned beef and cabbage (it smells and looks like canned dog food.) and this year was no different, I had one cold beer, shot 4 games of pool (won 3 of those games) and I called it a night at 9:30. I was really hoping for a little red-haired dude to walk up, wink at me and give me money but unfortunately, that never happened. 

Had my kids been home this weekend I likely would have had a little fun with it since my ten-year-old FIRMLY believes in Leprechaun's and likes to make traps in hopes of catching them. Quite funny I think...and cute... and weird. The imagination on that little girl is wild and furious which will make her a great writer one day; she has already started her journal collection and creative writing is her forte for sure. Hmmm... have no idea where she gets THAT from! ;)

I hope all of you were safe, lucky, and did not get pinched because green is not your color 
(Would love to know the obnoxious person that stared THAT!) For my International readers who have NO idea what I am talking about here; in the U.S. if you are caught out in public on St. Patrick's Day without wearing the color green, you are likely to get pinched by people you know... just another reason for you to make fun of us. (HA-HA)

Short, sweet and somewhat simple post tonight. I don't ALWAYS lecture my readers, but I still want you to be smiling after you read this! :) 
Thanks for engaging even the silly ones and may you have a little luck and a pot of gold waiting for you at the end of a rainbow someday!