Thursday, March 1, 2012

I Want My $2!!!

My daughter Baleigh is my super creative, somewhat peculiar, musical, animated, sweet & funny 10 year old diva. Having four children you often find similarities between them, but  I have to admit Baleigh is one of a kind; and I love her for that. In many ways, I think that she is the most like me, a maker of her own rules, the round peg in a square hole, a dreamer, a ball of energy, negotiator extraordinaire, and someone who wants to do it all and KNOWS she can. In other words she will be WILDY successful if we channel it right. She is 10, an age where most children have gotten past the belief in Santa, the tooth fairy and other such fairy tales. Baleigh on the other hand is quite naive in that way and has got to be the most gullible child I know, (she even believes in leprechauns and makes traps for them on St. Patrick's Day).

When she came home from her Dad's last weekend, she had pulled a tooth. Now this child, as well as my oldest daughter Cierra has pulled every tooth on her own... they had to because Mommy can't handle that task, I would pass out. (Blood and me? Yeah, oil and water) My mother still tells the stories of how she and my dad had to hold me down (yes it took both of them) to pull teeth out of my head that were literally hanging by one little thread of gum. Anyway, she had been trying to get this tooth out of her mouth for weeks on end. I kept telling her to stop, saying that it probably was not time yet, but this child who is SO money hungry (hmmm, that sounds familiar... I used to sell my toys and my lemonade stand was open year-round) that she did not care if it was time, she wanted that money! Under the pillow it went on Monday night and the tooth fairy (aka me) began to sweat... I had no cash to put under that pillow! Ruh-Rho! BIG problem! I kissed her goodnight and she went to bed with a huge smile.

Remember how I said she was gullible? Well come Tuesday morning that came in handy because otherwise my well planned story about why the tooth fairy did not put money under her pillow would not have worked and I would have had to deal with her mental breakdown realizing that the tooth fairy is not real.
Picture this... she comes out of her room Monday morning saying that there was no money and that the tooth fairy did not take her tooth. All planned out I said... I bet the tooth fairy was on vacation this weekend. try again tonight and see if it works. (She believed me)  An hour later my mom comes by to take her to school and we were standing in the kitchen talking, Baleigh comes out and tells My mom the tooth fairy failure. And she proceeds to read us he note she wrote her... (A note? I knew nothing of a note) So this is what it said:

Dear Tooth Fairy,

I hope you take my tooth & be careful with it. This tooth is one tooth that doesn't like to come out. I hope I get $ for pulling the thing! It's been a while to pull out my tooth. Everyday, I tried to pull, but it kept fighting to stay in & keep hurting my gums. Finally, it came out. Luck? (maybe) 
Baleigh Talbott <3 

She then put an arrow hoping the tooth fairy would write her back... but I suddenly flashed back to when Santa Claus's handwriting looked just like mine when Cierra was little... later known as "the day that Santa went POOF!" So I refrained from getting sucked into that one again!

My Mom and I had to keep a straight face during this reading of the note, and I must say it was hard. Apparently, the tooth fairy got back sometime Monday from vacation because $2 showed up under her pillow and started her day right on Tuesday! HAHA! 

Not only did the tooth fairy save the day, but I have a feeling we have another writer in the family! ;)

Have a great night everyone!