Saturday, March 17, 2012

Trying to FIND Happiness? Look HERE>>>>

Happiness is one of the single most confusing, misunderstood, desperately sought after feelings that I know of, it is what the universe seems to revolve around and that is somewhat phenomenal. Some people “seek” happiness nearly all of their lives only to end up claiming that they never “found it” they think that their lives have been wasted… and they are absolutely right! A wasted life it is when you “seek” happiness because chances are with that attitude you will never find it.

Happiness is NOT a physical object that can be found, it’s not concrete… you can’t “put your finger on it”. Happiness is an emotional decision that we have full control over. We can wake up and decide to be happy. Yes… it's true. We all wake up tired, grumpy and want to crawl in a hole and never come out on occasion... (some more often than others, but that's a different blog altogether) however, when this happens we can choose to stay in that mood or we can change our state of mind and DECIDE to be happy even on the worst days ever. Is it easy? Ummm... NO, especially when you are having the day from "you know where"… but the bottom line is that happiness IS a choice, a state of mind, an emotion that we control and if we are not “happy” it cannot be blamed on anyone but the person in the glass.

I was not always this obnoxiously happy. I was once like many of you out there that felt like happiness was never going to be found because I kept hitting dead ends, I was optimistic but deep down it seemed like I had met my destiny… and I would say to myself "this is my life." (insert sad face emoticon) I felt the weight of an anvil with stresses and would blame others for my unhappy state of mind which caused resentment and bitterness that consumed me. I never once felt that I could CHOOSE to be happy; after all, not even Merriam Webster tells you that. (should I rewrite parts of the dictionary?)

My “aha” moment came one day when I was shopping in a store looking for decorations for my new studio 4 years ago. At the time I was very unhappy in my life, so I wanted my salon to be an escape… for me AND my clients.  My goal was to create a positive place that would erase all the worries on the outside for everyone who stepped inside including me. As I looked around the store I saw this vintage style sign that said “Happy is what we make it... always has been always will be” and that was it!  I stood there looking at it for a second feeling “wow”... like someone had just hit me in the head as they said “DUH Shelley!”, and as silly as this may sound, that little sign changed my life, so I bought it.

My story tonight is to let you know that even if you have goals you have not reached, bills you cannot pay, clothes you can't afford and love you haven't felt... you can still be happy. You have breath, you have friends, you have family, you may have a pet, a favorite book, a favorite show or song... you have simple things that create a happy feeling in your life, everyone does. Focus on those more and I bet things will begin to turn around; they did for me. You will begin to reach those goals, pay those bills, buy those clothes and find true love all because your mind is in the right place for it all to be attainable. I speak from experience not out of my "donkey", so drink my Kool-aid and listen up, it's REAL! 

"The mind is the most powerful thing we possess; but you have to push the pedal to the floor to experience it's horsepower."

The little sign that changed my life still hangs in my private little studio and 
 I think of it every time I am having one of "those" days.