Friday, March 23, 2012

On my way to DC I Met Mrs. Obnoxious!

My intention was to post this last night, but after arriving at the hotel starving having not eaten since 2, I decided to grab a bite in one of the hotel restaurants... saw some of my photographer friends whom I joined and before I knew it it was 12:30 am... too pooped to be a coherent blogger. So.... I grace you with my presence this morning, sorry for the delay, I will make this story worth the wait :)

Airports are likely the most entertaining places on earth in my mind if you open yourself up to your surroundings. I have always been a fan of curbside check-in as a convenient and swift way to get things done when you arrive; I am not a fan of lines. Being that I was flying alone and had way too many bags it seemed like the perfect option for me yesterday, however the line was unusually long. Oh well, I thought, it will go fast. Little did I know that Mrs. Obnoxious and her friend were the cause of the hold up.

I am not negative... I steer clear of this toxic emotion as much as possible, but getting irritated is not beneath me and blast it as I may, it happens. Here we all are standing in this line at curbside check in and Mrs. Obnoxious is talking to the attendant about all of her fabulous travels in a VERY loud and boisterous voice. While they are laughing and chatting away we are all looking at each other saying "really?" But as irritated as everyone was nobody would speak up. She had questions about her ticket, the gate, her seat, and this was all in between her storytelling. Finally I lost my cool when she pulls out one of her bags, opens it, steps to the side and proceeds to pull out this huge blanket of some sort to show this attendant. She had apparently been visiting Florida and began to show him what she bought while here. NO, I am NOT kidding. At this point being that the attendant was totally engaged in this woman's antics, I said diplomatically but with a somewhat irritated tone... "Um excuse me, can you not see that there is a large line here?" everyone smiled at me. The attendant looked at me and said "there is no line inside ma'am if you'd like to go in there." To which I replied, "I was checking in curbside for a reason, that reason being that I had a lot of luggage that I had hoped not to have to awkwardly lug in."

After another few minutes with no movement I finally went inside, had my baggage checked and boarding pass in hand before Mrs. Obnoxious was even finished. Unbelievable! Needless to say I had a few people follow me inside. I got to my gate, sat down, relaxed and began to people watch. (great stuff).The best was a lady with a hot pink outfit on wearing a red ant antenna hat, kind of resembled the "bugs life" hats you see in the Disney stores. The guy beside me laughed and said "wow" to which I said... (being the optimistic one) "there has got to be a reason" and the guy across from me said "can't be a good one."  Free entertainment at it's best!

After boarding the plane and all seated, it was quiet until... LOW AND BEHOLD Mrs. Obnoxious boarded the plane and her boisterous voice broke the silence. I won't give all the details because this would not be a blog post anymore but a short story... but let's just say that everyone had experienced Mrs. Obnoxious by the time we landed in Baltimore, especially the guy she hit in the head opening all the overhead bins when we landed. HA!

Have a great day everyone and smile .... IT'S FRIDAY!